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Thompson Tax & Associates, LLC is home to a family of dedicated multistate tax professionals who proudly service all business industries. State and Local Tax is more complex and demanding than ever before, and state and local policymakers are increasing enforcement. As your business expands into new geographic markets, it may become subject to the complex array of state and local laws that can pose serious problems for your business and finances.  Stay in the “know” and contact us for your State and Local Tax needs today! 



What we do

We are your SALT, Multistate, Sales and Use Tax Experts.


SALT & Multistate Tax Consulting

Sales tax laws are constantly evolving. We can assist your company by examining your Nexus footprint, registering for sales tax through a Voluntary Disclosure Agreement or researching the application of sales tax to your products and services sold. 






Sales & Use Tax Compliance

Filing in multiple jurisdictions can be overwhelming and reorganizations and system changes can complicate your return preparation. Our Compliance Team has the know-how and resources to lighten your load! 


City & Local Business Licenses

We can file and maintain city and local business licenses and maintain compliance to help you focus on other important tasks.


Audit Defense

We specialize in providing expert assistance with pre-audit planning, on-going audits or recently completed audits. We will plan, prepare and conduct conferences and hearings on your behalf.


Reverse Audit

We invest time in understanding your operations and processes and conduct a cursory review to identify areas of potential overpayment. We then consult with you on the potential refund and provide a detailed overview of the procedures to obtain the refund.

Technology Solutions

Many companies are seeking ways to reduce compliance costs by automating compliance processes. Whether it be a tax decision module and rate engine bolted on to your ERP or simpler solutions for consolidating and preprocessing your transaction data, we’re here to help. 

Our clients range from small, locally-owned businesses to Fortune 500 companies. 

Some of our clients include:

Bank of the West 

DPR Construction

FRS Healthy Energy 

Abbott Laboratories

Johnson & Johnson

Kraft Foods Global, Inc. 

Lucasfilm, Ltd.

Microsoft Corporation

Napa Jet Center, Inc. 

Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. 

Informatica Corporation

Cisco Systems, Inc. 

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