Other State, Local, and International Tax Consulting Services

The very nature of sales and use tax is complicated thanks to an overwhelming number of ever-changing rules and regulations.

Nexus rules combined with state, local, and international sales and use tax considerations can add chaos to your confusion. Having to adhere to constantly evolving regulatory requirements while conforming to the tremendous changes the online market has brought to buying and selling can be intimidating.

Thompson Tax is here to help. We are your sales and use tax experts.

With dedicated analysts throughout the U.S. and a host of international contacts, let Thompson Tax be your Trusted Local, Multistate, and International Sales and Use Tax Advisor.

Comprehensive Local, State, and International Tax Solutions

Analyze State Amnesty Benefits

State amnesty programs are aimed at shoring up state budgets.  The programs may offer reduced interest and penalties, or possibly a full abatement of interest and penalties, when businesses come forward to settle both current and potential sales and use tax debts.

At Thompson Tax, we stay abreast of state amnesty periods, and if needed, we will notify you if your business qualifies and whether you meet the enrollment requirements.

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Evaluating International Tax Requirements 

As companies expand and begin conducting business outside the U.S., tax considerations begin to multiply.  

By utilizing our global resources, we can determine whether your company needs to register and remit certain international taxes such as Value-Added Tax (VAT) or Goods and Services Tax (GST).    

Applying for Voluntary Disclosure Agreements

We understand there might be situations where you may have not paid sales and use tax when you should have.  We are here to help you become compliant.  If your business qualifies for a VDA, we can guide you through the process which is aimed at minimizing penalties and setting limitations on the number of years being considered for your tax liability.

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Exemption Certificate Review

The reasons that qualify a business for tax exemption are as varied as the companies that apply for them. We can review and maintain your customer’s exemption certificates to ensure that they are current and valid.


Other Tax Questions

We are available to assist you with a wide range of sales and use tax scenarios. If we are not experts in your particular matter, we can direct you to one of our many co-partners within the Independent Salt Alliance (ISA) Network that will be.

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Let Thompson Tax Be Your Trusted Tax Advisor

Thompson Tax is here to help.  By combining our comprehensive experience with a hands-on approach, we are able to provide you with the best nationwide consulting and compliance solutions for your business.

Contact us today and let Thompson Tax be your Trusted Tax Advisor.