Multistate Sales & Use Tax Compliance and Consulting Services in Chicago

Affectionately known as The Windy City, Chicago is home to roughly 2.6 million people. Its metropolitan area has over 540,000 business establishments and the local economy generates an estimated $600 billion in GDP annually. What better place to bring your entrepreneurial ventures? 

Thompson Tax specializes in helping companies of all kinds navigate the complex world of State and Local Tax (SALT) rules and regulations. We provide fully tailored wraparound services and have a team of expert tax advisors available to guide you on your path to success. 

Our Sales and Use Tax Compliance and Consulting Services in Chicago

Sales & Use Tax Compliance

Remaining compliant with tax law is extremely difficult – and doing so while growing a business is nearly impossible. Thompson Tax can help your organization stay on top of its tax obligations by assisting with the preparation of your SALT registrations, sales and use tax return filings and business license registrations.

Nexus and Taxability Research

Like all government programs and policies, nexus rules are subject to constant change. We can identify what activities count as a taxable presence not only in the City of Chicago, but nationwide, and can provide processes and procedures to ensure your business remains compliant on an ongoing basis.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Thompson Tax will be the expert in your corner during every phase of the Merger and Acquisition (M&A) process. Our tax consultants are adept in due diligence and ready to address risk analysis and other tax considerations.

Audits and Reverse Audits

Avoid the operational repercussions of audits with our professional advice on look-back periods, inquiry response, notice resolution, and more.

State, Local, & International Sales and Use Tax Consulting

Thompson Tax goes beyond basic sales and use tax advice to address a variety of state, local, and international taxes.

Technology Support

Twenty-first-century businesses deserve a twenty-first-century solution to tax management. At Thompson Tax, we pride ourselves on offering ERP selection, implementation, guidance, and technical support that makes managing a digital-first organization easy.

Sale and Use Tax Advisors You Can Trust

As Chicago’s Trusted Tax Advisor, Thompson Tax is here to help you succeed. With decades of collective experience and expertise, our team will provide customized services tailored to your specific business needs. Leverage our sales and use tax expertise today and watch your business flourish tomorrow.