Multistate Sales & Use Tax Compliance and Consulting Services in San Francisco & the Bay Area

Northern California’s nine-county Bay region comprises nearly 7,000 square miles of sprawling acreage. From wine country to Silicon Valley, tens of thousands of businesses call it home. Together, they generate a whopping $501 billion worth of GDP for the local economy, making San Francisco the sixth-largest economy in the United States.

Opportunities to build a successful business are plentiful, however, navigating the ins and outs of sales and use tax rules and regulations can put a burden on your internal tax team that may slow your efforts down. Thompson Tax is here to help.

Let us be your local trusted sales and use tax advisors and streamline your path to success. 

Our Sales and Use Tax Services in San Francisco and the Bay Area

Sales & Use Tax Compliance

Stop second guessing about whether your business is successfully following all of the rules and regulations surrounding sales and use tax compliance. We specialize in helping you determine your registration and filing requirements and keeping you up to date.

Nexus and Taxability Research

Nexus determination is based on a multitude of criteria such as physical presence, economic activity, affiliate relationships, and so on.  Thompson Tax understands the complexities of overwhelming nexus scenarios and can help assess and minimize your risk.

Mergers & Acquisitions

For companies performing a merger or acquisition in the Bay Area or beyond, it is important to thoroughly understand all facets of the deal. Our sales and use tax experts will complete a comprehensive due diligence review of the issues surrounding sales and use tax so that you can make thoughtful and informed financial decisions.

Audits and Reverse Audits

Audits take time and resources that you can not afford to waste. Thompson Tax can guide you through an external audit or can conduct an internal audit to look for prospective overpayments and refund opportunities.

State, Local & International Tax Consulting

Sales and Use Tax laws are constantly changing across the Bay Area and beyond. Thompson Tax can help you stay on top of these changes and help leverage them to your advantage. Our experts can advise you on state amnesty benefits, international filing requirements, Voluntary Disclosure programs, and more.

Technology Support

From software selection services and product mapping to post-integration assistance and software tune-ups, Thompson Tax has you covered.

Your Trusted Sales and Use Tax Advisor 

Growing a business is rewarding yet challenging – from managing sales and use tax compliance to navigating the intricacies of local, state, and international taxes, the challenges are real. That is why so many businesses turn to Thompson Tax. Our professional services ensure you never lack the insight or guidance necessary to thrive in this booming region.

Let us be your local and trusted sales and use tax advisors throughout San Francisco and the Bay Area.