our services

  • Identify nexus creating activities
  • Assess physical and economic nexus exposure and risk
  • Clarify evolving legislative definitions
  • Review annual business license requirements
  • Assist with preparation of state and local sales tax registrations
  • Apply for voluntary disclosure agreements
  • Analyze state amnesty benefits
  • Negotiate alternative agreements
  • Reduce interest and penalty assessments
  • Determine open look-back periods
  • Respond to inquiries and audit notifications
  • Review sales and use tax reserves under ASC450
Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Complete due diligence
  • Identify potential liabilities
  • Analyze in-process audits
  • Review proposed business consolidations
  • Handle registration and return compliance
  • Process renewals for business license compliance
  • Coordinate managed audits
  • Conduct reverse audits
Strategic Planning
  • Analyze cash flow enhancements
  • Conduct transactional analysis
  • Complete taxability studies
Technology Support
  • Assist with selection of sales tax rate engine best suited to ERP
  • Provide implementation guidance and support
  • Analyze tax consequences during system conversions

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