California New CRV Law

As many of you may know, California’s beverage recycling program has recently undergone significant changes. The program, which aims to reduce waste and promote recycling, has been expanded to include wine and other alcoholic beverages in addition to traditional recyclables like plastic bottles and aluminum cans.

While the changes are certainly a step in the right direction for the environment, they have also significantly impacted the wine industry in California. Many wineries and vineyards are now required to pay additional fees to help fund the recycling program, and they must also comply with new labeling and reporting requirements.

Aside from the challenge of the new requirement to include a recycling symbol on all wine bottles sold in California, the reporting requirements can be time-consuming and complex, requiring beverage manufacturers to track and report on their sales and recycling efforts.  That is where Thompson Tax can help. We can assist your winery with CRV (California Redemption Value) registration and filing compliance. Reach out to us today for all of your beverage deposit and tax needs, as well as any sales and use tax needs that you may have.  We are only a phone call away!